Thursday 26 November 2015

Podcast interview – the state of SharePoint development (end of 2015)

Office Dev podcastAlthough I managed to dodge this one on several occasions previously, I finally got round to recording an interview for Jeremy Thake and Richard DiZerega’s Office Dev podcast. I’d managed to duck this pretty consistently, despite seeing Rich in London and then Jeremy in Seattle recently – but, then the European SharePoint Conference in Stockholm came around, and that meant having to spend another few days with Jeremy, and my excuses just about ran out! Just kidding of course - it’s always a pleasure speaking to those guys, and frankly I’ll bang on about Office 365 and SharePoint development to anyone who will listen ;)

Jeremy’s a great interviewer, and I really enjoyed the chat. We covered topics ranging from the current outlook for Office 365 and SharePoint developers to “do’s and don’ts for developing on Office 365” (referencing one of my talks at the conference), and some of the differences between Office 365 apps and SharePoint Add-ins. I also discussed why I’m now typically encouraging my team to move away from provider-hosted SharePoint Add-ins – in favour of the pattern of using an authentication token from Azure AD with the SharePoint CSOM/REST, since this helps avoid some of the downsides of provider-hosted apps. We also dipped into some lighter topics too :)

Anyway, if you need something to listen to on your journey into work/workout/something else, you can get the interview at:

Office Dev podcast episode 72 - Chris O'Brien