Thursday 26 February 2015

Podcast interview: customizations and Office 365 – Microsoft Cloud Show

I was interviewed last week for the Microsoft Cloud Show by Andrew Connell and Chris Johnson. If you need something to listen to whilst you're working/travelling/exercising, I think it was a fun chat about lots of Office 365/SharePoint things! I’m a regular listener of the show (perfect for my morning runs!), so it was cool to be a guest and catch up with those guys.

The overall show lasts for just over an hour - like all their shows there's a segment at the beginning where AC and Chris talk about the week's news (something they do really well IMHO), so the interview itself starts after around 20 minutes. We covered things like:

  • The recent changes in Microsoft guidance for Office 365 development (e.g. avoid custom master pages, avoid WebTemplates, avoid use of Feature XML etc.) - this was the main topic of the interview
  • Microsoft now releasing SharePoint updates via Windows Update
  • Overall changes in Microsoft strategy (i.e. the new "openness" discussed in another Yammer thread recently)

The podcast episode can be listened/downloaded from:

Chris OBrien MS Cloud Show interview