Monday 6 December 2021

Microsoft Ignite November 2021 announcements summary - Teams, Power Platform, Viva, Syntex and new products/experiences

Microsoft held their now twice yearly Ignite conference a few weeks ago, with the usual firehose of announcements - as usual, this included some items which aren't really "new news" at all and some parsing is needed. It always hard to keep up with the detail of developments and launch dates, but never more so than now. Not only are Microsoft keeping their foot to the floor on innovation, but also with some bold and surprising new products and experiences such as Mesh for Teams and Microsoft Loop. Whilst the "Ignite Book of News" that Microsoft create is useful (link at the end), I find myself needing a more concise summary to reference when talking to inside Content+Cloud or with clients. For the last few events I've created "Ignite on a slide" summaries, presenting my view of key announcements and expected availability dates.

In this post you'll find the slides as images, and a downloadable deck which combines all of them. The following areas are covered:

  • Teams
  • Power Platform
  • Microsoft Viva
  • New products and experiences (Microsoft Loop, Mesh, Context IQ, Clipchamp etc)
  • SharePoint Syntex 

Feel free to re-use or share.

Microsoft Teams

Click each image to enlarge:

Power Platform

Microsoft Viva

New products and experiences (Loop, Mesh, Context IQ, Clipchamp etc.)

SharePoint Syntex

Of course, my summaries are somewhat subjective and you might feel there's something I've missed - but hopefully they're useful somehow.

Download the combined deck

You can download the combined deck from:



Hopefully these summaries are useful in some form and you're free to use them as you like. When you need more detail on any of these announcements (and you will), I highly recommend using Microsoft's published "Book of News":

Link:  Ignite November 2021 Book of News