Wednesday 8 May 2019

Speaking at the European Collaboration Summit 2019 and SharePoint Saturday London!

In a few short weeks I'll be speaking at the European Collaboration Summit in Germany. This is a fantastic event with stellar speakers and quite a few folks from Microsoft. The event team go out of their way to make the show a fantastic learning event for attendees, and I highly encourage Office 365/SharePoint/Azure folks based in Europe to try and get there. Topics covered in depth will include Teams, Azure, SharePoint, Yammer and more - covered from business and technical viewpoints.

My session is:

Top Office 365 Development techniques to master - the hitlist

Things move fast in Office 365 development, and as Microsoft evolve the platform and APIs, new techniques and approaches become available all the time. As the head of a talented dev team, I regularly update my list of techniques that I believe are essential to have good capability building Office 365 solutions. Between SPFx, the Graph, Teams development, coding in Azure Functions and building solutions in PowerApps and Flow, let's walk through some high-value scenarios in mid-2019 that should be in every experienced coder's toolbox, with demos and code sample for each. This session will help you close any skills gaps, and should be a great conversation with some bright minds in the room. 

Some of the techniques I consider to be on the list include:
  • Working effectively with the Microsoft Graph from Postman (and coding against the JSON returned)
  • Calling a back-end API (e.g. an Azure Function) securely from SharePoint, with SPFx isolated web parts and AAD auth
  • Templating SharePoint sites effectively with Site Designs and PnP templates
  • Rich PowerApps which can capture images or signatures 
Of course, there are a *million and one* scenarios you could consider for such a list! However, I think any developer with those in the toolbox is quite well-equipped across some important building blocks. I'll also talk about some other techniques such as templating Teams, calling APIs from Flow, offline support in PowerApps and more.

Overall, I think it's important to be quite well-rounded these days - if you're purely a code-oriented developer with little knowledge of PowerApps and Flow, then frankly you (and your clients) are missing out. As ever, being able to select the right architecture and solution approach is vital, and knowing how the technologies fit together (in some detail) is important here.

More details on the European Collaboration Summit 2019:
ECS 2019 is being held in Wiesbaden, Germany (near Frankfurt) between May 27-29. Ticket prices are *extremely* reasonable for an event of this level! Read more at:

Also available in London!

If you can't make it to ECS, another great event where I'm giving the same talk is SharePoint Saturday London 2019! This is my home turf, and just like past occasions, there are lots of top-ranked speakers from around the world presenting.

For more details on SharePoint Saturday London:

The event is being held on June 1st in central London - and it's free of course! Read more at

Hope to see you at one of the events!