Thursday 9 November 2023

My AI talks at ESPC 2023 - Microsoft 365 Copilot experiences, Syntex, Azure OpenAI and more

As the new era of AI is in full swing, I have the privilege of covering some of the hottest topics at the upcoming European SharePoint, Microsoft 365 and Azure Conference 2023 in Amsterdam, Europe’s biggest Microsoft-focused conference. The conference starts on Monday 27 November and I’ll be sharing experiences from the field with Microsoft 365 Copilot, Microsoft Syntex, and “AI with your organisational data” projects using Azure OpenAI. I’ll be delivering three sessions plus an open mic talk on all things Copilot and AI with my good friend Jussi Roine.

In 27 years of working, I don’t remember a time when technology was having a bigger impact on how we work and how economies and societies operate. AI is obviously a huge part of that today, and 12 months on from ChatGPT becoming available it’s a wonderful moment to have 2500+ people together for an event like this. My sessions are just a small part of what will be an amazing conference. As usual, Microsoft are sending senior leadership and product managers to deliver keynotes and product announcements, and the entire session catalog has some amazing speakers delivering content to suit many personas. The conference still has tickets available – see

The conference site has more, but here's an overview of my sessions with an explainer for each.

    Microsoft 365 Copilot - Experiences from the Field

    Experiences from the Early Access Programme and using Copilot, including a deep-dive on the specific approaches we (Advania/Content+Cloud) believe organisations need to adopt to get Copilot-ready

    Microsoft Syntex Deep-Dive - from AI Document Understanding to Content Governance

    In the Copilot era, Syntex is increasing in relevance rather than decreasing. New capabilities help you get ready for Copilot and extend the reach of AI compared to what Copilot can achieve alone

    Integrate ChatGPT into SPFx and Power Platform solutions with OpenAI and Azure OpenAI

    A technical session with my colleague and fellow MVP Anoop Tatti, where we explore different approaches to using GPT in your applications

    The Captain and the Copilots – Insights Uncovered on Generative AI, Productivity and the Speed of Innovation

    An "Inspire stage" session with Jussi Roine on all that we’ve learnt on Copilots, GPT, and Microsoft’s approach to generative AI

    Conference details

    ESPC is always an amazing event if you're based in Europe - it's not to late to attend and I highly recommend it if you work with Microsoft technoloogies. Here's the link to the conference pricing page

    Hopefully see you there!