Wednesday 27 February 2019

SharePoint Conference 2019 sessions from me – Enterprise PowerApps, and Azure Functions for Microsoft 365 scenarios

This year’s SharePoint Conference 2019 in Las Vegas in May is will be a great opportunity to learn about the latest developments from Microsoft in the world of SharePoint, Teams, PowerApps, Yammer, Flow and more. As you’d expect from one of the year’s biggest events, Microsoft are there in force and I hear there will be some interesting announcements in terms of new capabilities within Office 365 and SharePoint. Speakers from Microsoft include Jeff Teper, Bill Baer, Dan Holme, Chris McNulty, Mark Kashman, Vesa Juvonen, Naomi Moneypenny, Adam Harmetz, Omar Shahine, Sean Squires, Mike Ammerlaan and many more. But of course, the other speakers are a huge draw too – it’s an amazing list of people who are known for sharing great knowledge, and somehow I sneaked in there too 😉 Other folks include Andrew Connell, Wictor Wilen, Benjamin Niaulin, Chris Givens, Christian Buckley, Eric Shupps, Erwin van Hunen, Paolo Pialorsi, Sebastien Levert, Vlad Catrinescu and more. In short, a group of people who have deep expertise and who love to get into those conversations about challenges and solutions.

For me, I’ll be talking about two of my favourite subjects – both are topics that I think are really important in being able to build effective solutions on Office 365 and SharePoint: PowerApps and Azure Functions. The details of my sessions are below.

Reasons why I think SPC will be a great event

  • The show will be a “moment” for Microsoft, with lots of innovations and developments announced. To hear this first-hand and in detail from Microsoft themselves will put you in a great position.
  • Conferences are a great way of doing condensed learning these days. You can learn in a few days what would otherwise take many weeks or months to pick up – and in my experience, you get to trade off that knowledge for a long time.
  • There are some great full-day workshops to really get to grips with a topic from all angles – whether it’s modern SharePoint, developing with SPFx, Power BI, PowerApps and Flow, Office 365 security or how to build an I.T. strategy around Office 365, chances are there is a workshop for you. See!/workshops for the full list.
  • An amazing few days of sessions, led by people with huge passion and knowledge for the topic – see!/sessions for the list
  • Lots of opportunities to chat with speakers and ask questions
  • Vegas – if you don’t find the answer you’re looking for in a session, you’ll probably get chance to talk about it in the bar afterwards

Use code “OBRIEN” for a $50 discount

If you sign-up and use my surname as the discount code, you’ll get $50 off the ticket price - and of course, the organizers get to know which speakers attendees are interested in. Since this is Las Vegas we’re talking about here, so I’ll be amazed if you can’t find a good use for that $50 😉

To see pricing/register for the conference:
To conference website has all the details - head to:!/register

My sessions

I’ll be delivering the following breakout sessions:

Azure Functions for Microsoft 365 developer scenarios

Azure Functions are the "get out of jail card" for the architect/developer implementing Microsoft 365 solutions. Can't do exactly what you need in a Flow? Need to look-up some data when your PowerApp loads? Implementing custom team sites using Site Designs? Need to run a process on a schedule? Chances are that an Azure Function is the answer - so you need a thorough understanding of this building block to weave it into your solutions effectively. We'll look at authentication, scaling, coding styles, Microsoft Graph bindings and other advanced features, so that you can always call out to some custom behaviour whatever your scenario is.

Enterprise PowerApps - Rich Apps with Offline Support and On-Premises Data

PowerApps can address many business scenarios with ease, but some learning is needed to include advanced functionality such as offline support and connections to on-premises data. Using a series of demos, this talk will walk through these elements - we'll show a PowerApp designed for airline pilots which has these capabilities and see things from both the user and maker perspectives, meaning you go away understanding how to build them into your apps. We'll also consider practical tips of PowerApps - from use across devices, techniques for improving performance, and common headaches when building applications.

Conference details

The conference will be held at the MGM Grand hotel in Las Vegas. The dates are 21-23 May 2019, with workshops being held on the day before and the day after those dates. There are over 200 sessions in total, so whether you’re a business-focused person considering how to get the most out of Office 365 for your organisation, or you’re a highly-technical practitioner wanting to keep up with the latest techniques, the SharePoint Conference will be a great place to do it. Hopefully see you there!!/register