Wednesday 30 September 2009

Personal announcements from me

I know not all of my blog readers follow me on Twitter (though if you are a SharePoint Twitteree, I’m @ChrisO_Brien), so I just wanted to post something here to say that last week I became a proud Dad, to twin boys! They came early by emergency caesarean – personally I knew Suzanne shouldn’t have had that last piece of chocolate cake. They initially had low blood sugar levels (not related to the cake, I should add!) so we had to stay in hospital a day or so longer than normal whilst things stabilized, but in general everyone is healthy and happy. It’s funny to wonder if SharePoint will exist and how it will be when they’re older – I’m just not sure I want to bring them into a world with CAML quite frankly.

Can’t remember what was to the left of this photo, but it was clearly very interesting ;-)


They’re pretty tiny. Going out is very amusing so far, on our local high street (Main St for U.S. folks!) we seem to get stopped every few hundred meters. Whilst sat in a cafe yesterday, I overheard someone say “Oh my God look at the size of that baby, he’s holding it in one hand!”.


So, we’re very proud of our tiny Yodas – thanks for all the messages on Twitter, it was great to read through them.

SharePoint Conference 2009

Away from personal stuff, we’re closing in on SPC 09 in Las Vegas. Here you can listen to Microsoft’s own and the best in the field, and gain an unparalleled insight ahead of your first SharePoint 2010 implementation. The odds (!) are currently good that I’ll be there – this  actually involves an elaborate plan to fly Suzanne’s Mum over from the U.S. to London to “cover me” for the week, so if everything falls into place I’ll see you there! I’m really excited to be able to start talking more publicly about all the new platform features – hope you are too.

Ill be at SPC

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Unknown said...

Congrats Mate!

Been off twitter for last couple of days, so missed the news. Glad to hear mother and babies are doing well.

Clustered babies eh? Makes for cry-fail over in the event that one actually manages to fall asleep!

Chris O'Brien said...


LOL. Yep there's definitely some clustering/load-balancing jokes in there ;)

Unknown said...

Congratulations Chris!

Sezai Komur said...

Congratulations on becoming a dad Chris!

Mark said...

Great news - congratulations !

Mani said...

Hi Chris
Lubo just called me and told me the happy news. Congratulations mate.
All the best

Unknown said...

Congratulations! Guess you managed to keep busy after our project. This is what happens when you don't spend all night working on projects ;)

Chris O'Brien said...

Haha, thanks Bryon :)

Hope you're well.