Monday 29 March 2010

I’m speaking at the SharePoint Evolutions conference

In less than 3 weeks the SharePoint Evolutions conference gets underway in London, UK. If you didn’t get the memo, this is a name change from the previous name of the SharePoint Best Practices conference because hey, SharePoint 2010 is still in beta so can you really have best practices? Like last years equivalent, the event again boasts a stellar line-up of speakers from all around the world. If anything this year could be even more successful, simply due to the fact that we’re at an optimum time for gaining SharePoint 2010 skills and knowledge with RTM just around the corner. If you’re thinking of joining us but haven’t yet made the decision, I encourage you to sign up – the link is at the bottom of this post. Here’s the flannel on my session, but I’ll also tag on some extra info to help you understand what’s in there:

Managing the SharePoint 2010 Application Lifecycle

At some point, every sparkly new SharePoint 2010 application will need to be upgraded. This session looks at key considerations for releasing new code and artifacts to SharePoint, and shows how to leverage enhancements in the Features framework in 2010 for genuine versioning and upgrade of Features. The entire lifecycle is discussed, from deciding between C# or Feature XML for provisioning in the initial build (and how site templates can reduce the XML work), though to using Features to upgrade different artifact types once they are in production. Demos will show key scenarios in the SharePoint application lifecycle, leaving you with the confidence to build versioning strategies which go beyond

So the focus is very much on versioning and upgrade, but some extra points which I’ll be going into detail on are:

  • Examination of changes to Feature schema
  • Examination of changes to solution (WSP) manifest schema
  • New WSP dependencies framework (solutions can now have dependencies just like Features) – capabilities and shortcomings

In all, the tools you need to structure and manage your SharePoint application through it’s life – from a developer perspective.

My session is on the level 400/deep dive track, on the Wednesday (April 21st) at 2pm. As an added bonus the developer Q & A panel is the session directly afterwards, so if anyone has any tricky questions which I don’t get to, you’ll have a second opportunity to ask. And I’ll have backup ;)

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