Tuesday 4 May 2010

SharePoint 2010 ALM – my slide decks from SPEvo

It took a while due to some other commitments, but I finally got round to making my slide decks from the SharePoint Evolutions Conference available. I delivered 3 sessions in the end, 2 of my own and one on behalf of Andrew Connell, one of the many travel casualties due to the ash cloud. I had a lot of fun talking – it was also interesting to see the room seemed to agree with my theory that 90% of the custom assemblies in SharePoint 2007 environments are still at version :) As I hopefully conveyed, SharePoint 2010 has made some useful progress in this area, and previous pain points such as versioning assemblies and uncertainty about how to go about upgrading apps should be easier to deal with.

The details of my talks are below - as always, a lot of the goodness was in the demos, but I also tried to get a lot of the info into the slides:

Managing the SharePoint 2010 Application Lifecycle – beyond version (part 1)

  • Provisioning with C# or XML
  • Changes to the Features framework
  • Leveraging WSP import when building Features
  • How to version/upgrade a Feature
    • XML upgrade actions
    • Code upgrade actions
  • Triggering upgrade
  • Feature upgrade gotchas

Demo 1 – using ‘Save as site template’/WSP import
Demo 2 - using ApplyElementManifests and AddContentTypeField to add fields to a content type and push down.
Demo 3 – using CustomUpgradeAction/FeatureUpgrading to pseudo-upgrade a Text field to a Note field, by provisioning a new Note field and running code to iterate list items/copy data from old field to new/mark old field as hidden.

Link - http://slidesha.re/9N7i1H

Managing the SharePoint 2010 Application Lifecycle – beyond version (part 2)

  • Feature upgrade recap
  • How to upgrade different artifacts
    • Provisioned
    • Declarative
  • Upgrading workflows
  • Changes to the Solutions framework
    • Solution dependencies
    • Binding redirects
  • Dealing with shared assemblies
  • Versioning strategies

Demo 1 – recap of Feature upgrade demo
Demo 2 – incrementing the version number of a shared assembly, using BindingRedirect element deployed to web.config via WSP framework

Link - http://slidesha.re/ddE7RX

Going forward, I’ll be posting the following related stuff, hopefully very soon:

  • My custom application page for upgrading SharePoint 2010 Features
  • Sample Visual Studio projects containing the Features I used to demo upgrade

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quannum said...

Great session Chris - still not sure if its good that I have used assembly versions or not in 2007. Great to hear that the story is better in 2010!