Thursday 8 July 2010

Renewed again as SharePoint MVP

Received the mail from Microsoft last week to say I’m a SharePoint MVP for another year (my third). Looking back over the last 12 months, it’s been fun being an MVP in the run-up and aftermath of a new release and I definitely feel privileged to have been in that position. I had some opportunities to do interesting things such as help write the 2010 exams, produce MSDN content and co-author a book, which was great. Ultimately I had to decline several of them due to the combination of full-time job, existing community commitments and the arrival of our twins, but then you can’t have everything :)

This list is mainly for me rather than you, but the main things I did were:

One thing that does nag at me is that I know that some blog comments slipped through the net during the super-busy periods. I feel bad about this, but sometimes they just come in too thick and fast and I don’t seem to have a good system for finding unanswered ones! Apologies to those affected – by all means try again and I’ll do my best to answer.

Many thanks to those who left feedback, it’s always appreciated :)


Daniel McPherson said...

Congrats mate, hope you are doing well.

Willem du Preez said...

Nice one mate - well deserved.

Robin Meure said...

Congrats again mate! And again, it's well deserved!

Karine Bosch said...

Congratulations Chris! Your blog is one of my favorite blogs for years, always very clear and well explained.

Unknown said...

Well deserved...again!