Wednesday 23 March 2011

Speaking on nightly SharePoint builds and UI testing - European SharePoint Best Practices Conference 2011

I’m privileged to again be part of this event – it kinda seems strange because it’s on my doorstep here in London, but for SharePoint material this conference is probably only bettered by the official SharePoint Conference held by Microsoft in the U.S (my opinion of course). The speaker list again consists of the biggest names in SharePoint (and me!), and probably the biggest issue an attendee could face is wanting to go to two sessions simultaneously – trust me, there’s worse problems to have with a conference.

After doing 3 sessions last year, I get to focus on just 1 this time so I wanted to make it special. I ended up somewhere in the ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) space again, but I’m hoping it’s something different from some of the other dev sessions (and other talks I’ve given recently). Here’s the abstract:

From good development to great – nightly builds and UI testing with SharePoint 2010 and Team Foundation Server 2010

So you (or your dev team) know your way around the SharePoint API, but deployments are still painful and there are quality issues. Maybe you looked at unit testing SharePoint, but didn't yet manage to fully adopt it. This session looks at how Visual Studio Team Foundation Server can help SharePoint projects, specifically with automated WSP builds and VS2010 UI testing (which can have a much lower barrier to entry than unit testing). When a few of these capabilities are strung together, the results are incredible for dev teams. Over several demos, we'll cover how to get started with automating the build, deploying the resulting WSPs to a remote SharePoint machine, then automatically running UI tests against the site. Part case study, the session will use an innovative SP2010 social/collab implementation (in production at Tesco) as the test bed – with ribbon customizations, a custom service application, and activity feed extensions thrown into the mix.

Hopefully the session will be interesting to anyone who at some point has said “we should get into automated builds”, or indeed, anyone interested in building the kind of social SP2010 intranet we’re building. Note my colleague Wes Hackett also has a community session at the conference on this project.

If you haven’t yet signed up for the Best Practices Conference but are considering it, I highly encourage you to go ahead. Read more on the conference site - European SharePoint Best Practices Conference 2011


Paul Beck said...

Great topic Chris - I wont be at #BPCUK this year such a pity to miss this.

Jason Venema said...

I won't be able to make it to the conference this year either, but this topic is of great interest to me. Do you plan on making the information available after the conference for people who couldn't attend?

Chris O'Brien said...


Yes, if there's interest I'm considering making this topic my next series of blog articles. I also want to release a 'helper pack' i.e. the PowerShell scripts and customized workflow which I'm using - I'll probably do this fairly soon rather than wait until the blog series is complete.



Jeroen Van Bastelaere said...

Best session of the BPC in my opinion as a technical consultant :).
It was something that was really useful (I wish I could just implement it here at the client location) and something that I haven't seen anything about before.
Good job and thanks!