Tuesday 10 May 2011

Speaking at SUGUK (Manchester) on jQuery, AJAX and SP2010–24th May

In a couple of weeks (24th May) I head north to speak at the North West branch of the UK SharePoint user group – I’m looking forward to it for several reasons, not least because I come from Manchester originally. As usual I’m talking about SharePoint development matters, but hopefully the evening will have fairly broad SharePoint appeal as the 2nd session will be an open Q&A session with myself, Brett Lonsdale, Mark Stokes, Sam Dolan and Alex Pearce on the panel. This means we’ll be strong on topics such as development, architecture, BCS, tools, branding/design, governance, end-user adoption, education and Office 365 etc., but there should also be enough combined expertise to answer an even wider range of questions. It should be an interesting discussion. 

My talk is aimed at devs, but I’m also hoping it’s interesting in user experience terms to a wider audience. Here’s the summary:

SharePoint, jQuery and AJAX - a beginner's survival guide

It takes a different approach to build SharePoint apps with a slick AJAX experience - getting rid of those nasty postbacks involves declining some help from .Net and learning new techniques. Whilst the answers often lie with the Client Object Model and jQuery, both are hefty topics so the barrier can be intimidating. This talk aims to boil things down to "3 core techniques to survive by", with step by step demos to show the development process. Tips and tricks such as enabling jQuery intellisense, debugging JavaScript and using JSON will be covered. To pull the concepts together, the session will round off with a demo migration of an existing mini-application from postbacks to AJAX. Building custom SharePoint experiences that users love is simpler than you think!

I’ve given this talk before (at SharePoint Saturday UK), but it’s taken on another dimension for me since then as I’ve spent the last 6 months using these techniques day in, day out for my current project. I’m extremely glad I spent time getting to grips with jQuery and AJAX, my career would probably be in the toilet otherwise. Hopefully my talk will be useful information to novices and experienced devs alike.

The event is free and on Tuesday 24th May, at the Palace Hotel Manchester. Sign up here - http://suguk.org/forums/26548/ShowThread.aspx


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris. Me and two colleagues are trying to join the UK User Group forum so we can attend the Manchester event. We each received an email saying the Administrator had to confirm and give new user approval but we've been waiting now since Friday. Would try contacting Mark Stokes but can't find any contact details for him so commenting here was the only alternative.


Chris O'Brien said...


No worries, I'll get Mark to sort it out. In any case, user group events are a friendly/informal deal so I'm sure it's fine.

Look forward to meeting you both.