Sunday 20 November 2011

SP2010 Continuous Integration–pt 5: Deploy WSPs as part of build

The 5th article in our CI with SharePoint 2010 and TFS series is now live on the official SharePoint Developer blog (as mentioned on Twitter last week) – see Deploy WSPs as part of an automated build. This post is probably the most important of the series. It shows how to join up the automated build with PowerShell, so that you can automatically deploy WSPs on every build e.g. every night or (if appropriate) every time a developer checks-in. The article covers a few things:

Most SharePoint developers would recognize immediately that one set of PowerShell scripts could never perform all of the deployment steps for every project – each application (and indeed each iteration) will introduce new Features, Solutions and other artifacts, for which specific PS would be needed to deploy. However, what the SharePoint/TFS Continuous Integration Starter Pack aims to do is provide key mechanisms to enable CI in SharePoint – so that all you have to worry about is the PowerShell specific to your application.




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