Wednesday 27 March 2013

The SharePoint Evolution Conference 2013 is near – details on my talks

speaker_web_bannerI’m a bit late in posting this, but if you’re still considering whether to attend this conference (London, April 15-17th 2013) then I highly recommend it. As usual, the speaker line-up looks awesome and after missing out last year (due to moving house) I’m really looking forward to it.

I’m giving two talks centred around SharePoint 2013:

DEV 203 - Deep dive into SharePoint-hosted apps (Monday, 1:30pm)

Even though apps can be outside of SharePoint, often it makes sense to leverage what's inside. This session takes a close look at how to use lists, content types and pages within a SharePoint-hosted app - whether there are additional remote components or not. We'll also look at advanced approaches for using a custom site definition, and explain why some web parts can be used and some cannot. In addition to working with the app web, we'll discuss pros and cons of "high-privilege" apps which provision into the host web - potentially bringing collaboration-based solutions closer to the app world.

P&M 306 - Using JavaScript templates to customise the SharePoint user interface (Tuesday, 9am)

Developers often have a need to amend the HTML rendering of SharePoint, especially around lists and list forms, but in previous versions of SharePoint this was not always easy. Many developers resorted to using JavaScript to manipulate the page after it had loaded, even though this was potentially unreliable and unsupported. SharePoint 2013 solves this problem by providing the ability to specify a JavaScript 'template override' for several user interface elements. Even better, these can be applied globally or locally as needed. Come and learn how to transform the SharePoint interface the supported way!

If you need more information on the conference, point your browser to


Unknown said...

Hi Chris, excellent speech today. Looking forward for your others speeches and source code. What kind of tools were you using to format your JavaScript into oriented object classes and method? Prototyping without these tools is a pain. I`ve heard about TypeScript...

Chris O'Brien said...


My JavaScript was written by hand. I also like the idea of TypeScript, but for now I want to "become a better JavaScript developer" and understand the core language better. I'm also slightly wary that TypeScript itself brings a learning curve.

Scot Hilier has some great content on "better JavaScript with SharePoint" - I used the SP2013 apps book he and Ted Pattison wrote -

Eventually I'm sure TypeScript is the way forward though. Ask me again in a few months? ;)