Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Slide decks for “SharePoint-hosted apps deep-dive” and “Customising SP2013 with JavaScript” published

A brief post to mention that I’ve now published my slide decks for the two talks I delivered at the SharePoint Evolutions Conference in April 2013. I had a great time at the conference (as always!), and it was awesome to have so many people come to the sessions – thanks to all who came, I appreciate it. Just for a bit of atmosphere, here’s the attendee perspective in one of these conference talks (not mine – I was at the back, taking the photo):


As always, technical talks are made richer by the demos and the decks alone do not convey this – I’ve added some screenshots for one talk (the JavaScript session), but I haven’t for the apps talk as I’m not sure they would add as much. Anyway, here’s the summary and links:

Customizing the SharePoint 2013 user interface with JavaScript

Covers several approaches for user interface customization in SP2013 - using JSLink to customize a list and/or view, creating custom Display Templates for the Content Search web part, and different approaches for customizing the search hover panel.

Slideshare link - http://www.slideshare.net/chrisobrien/customizing-the-sharepoint-2013-user-interface-with-javascript-chris-obrien

Deep dive into SharePoint 2013 hosted apps

Covers key aspects of SharePoint 2013 apps, with a focus on SharePoint-hosted apps. Includes detail on app parts, using web parts within an app, configuring SSL, troubleshooting apps and possible reasons to move away from a SharePoint-hosted app to a cloud app. Also covers "high-privilege" apps which provision to the host web.

Slideshare link - http://www.slideshare.net/chrisobrien/deep-dive-into-sharepoint-2013-hosted-apps-chris-obrien


Other notes

In upcoming posts I’ll be publishing more detail on this content, including the source code I used for my demos. Stay tuned.


Eric Martin said...

Hi Chris,

Is there any chance that you have this recorded via video or audio and published anywhere? I am very interested in digging deeper in this.


Chris O'Brien said...

Hi Eric,

Unfortunately the videos are only made available to conference attendees for this one.