Monday 28 April 2014

Speaking at the European SharePoint Conference 2014

ESPC Speaker GraphicWe’re now just a week away from the European SharePoint Conference – held in Barcelona, the event looks great and I’m looking forward to being part of it. I understand this will be the biggest SharePoint event in Europe this year, and it certainly looks like there are some great speakers and sessions - including coverage of some stuff only recently announced at the Las Vegas conference.

The conference runs from 5th-8th of May 2014 – here is the full conference programme.

I’m presenting two sessions on the developer track:

“Developer Decisions, Tips and Tricks - Lessons Learnt from Office 365 Projects” (W13 – Wednesday May 7, 11:45)

As a developer or technical lead, your early Office 365 projects are likely to throw up some interesting questions. Should you avoid the sandbox? How should test environments be handled in the cloud? How should a site template be implemented? And just how do you provision Managed Metadata fields, when the on-premises techniques cannot be used? This session walks through the "dev strategy" decisions we made at Content and Code, and why. Over the course of several demos, we'll also discuss apps, automation scripts and also advanced techniques such as Continuous Integration for Office 365.

“Using JavaScript Templates To Customise the SharePoint 2013 User Interface” (TH20 – Thursday May 7, 14:00)

Developers often have a need to amend the HTML rendering of SharePoint, especially around lists and list forms, but in previous versions of SharePoint this was not always easy. Many developers resorted to using JavaScript to manipulate the page after it had loaded, even though this was potentially unreliable and unsupported. SharePoint 2013 solves this problem by providing the ability to specify a JavaScript 'template override' for several user interface elements. Even better, these can be applied globally or locally as needed. Come and learn how to transform the SharePoint interface the supported way!

Hopefully see you there!

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