Sunday 16 November 2014

More speaking – SharePoint Connect 2014 (Amsterdam) and SharePoint Saturday UK

I’ll be doing a couple more talks in the next few weeks – these will cover different topics, ranging from the new Office 365 APIs to techniques for cloud-friendly SharePoint development, and also Apps for Office. Hopefully see you at one of these events!

SharePoint Connect 2014 (Amsterdam)

  • Modern SharePoint development - techniques for moving code off servers (Tuesday November 18, 14:50)
    • Those implementing Office 365 know that custom code cannot run on the SharePoint servers, and remote code alternatives must be used. However, it can be valuable to adopt the same "cloud-friendly" development techniques even for on-premises implementations. In addition to increasing platform stability, this enables you to build in flexibility to your deployment - leaving the door open to a potential move to Office 365 in the future without major re-engineering. With several code-focused demos, this session examines approaches for switching to "off-box" code - including Remote Event Receivers, PowerShell and CSOM scripts and client-side JavaScript.
  • An intro to the new Office 365 APIs (Wednesday November 19, 11:15)
    • Microsoft have stated that they will move away from SharePoint, Exchange and Lync APIs towards generic Office 365 APIs. The preview version of the first APIs were announced in March 2014, and cover several core building blocks for user collaboration - including mail, OneDrive files, calendar entries and contacts. Developers who need awareness of Office 365/hybrid scenarios can expect more such APIs in the future.

      Get on the bus early - come learn about the APIs and the new permissions model ("the Common Consent framework") in this code-focused session.

SharePoint Saturday UK (Hinckley, UK)

  • Apps for Office - the hidden gem that's easier than you think (Saturday November 28, 12:15)
    • Most developers know that it's now possible to develop Apps for Office which are based on core web technologies - HTML, CSS and JavaScript. But the take-up appears to be fairly limited - why is that when development and deployment (even in the enterprise) are fairly easy? This session takes a renewed look at Apps for Office, now that the Word, Excel and Mail APIs have been enhanced and the app model is no longer the weird new kid on the block. Some cool demos are involved, including a Word task pane app which analyses the contents of a document to find you similar items across your SharePoint environment/tenancy whilst you're working with the document.

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