Monday, 27 June 2016

Speaking at SharePoint Saturday London - An intro to the new SharePoint Framework development model

imageI’m looking forward to giving my first public talk on the new SharePoint Framework soon – this will be at SharePoint Saturday London, on July 09 2016.

The event will be held at Imperial College in west London, and the sessions and speaker line-up looks great for a community event. I think now is a great time to soak up some information on current developments in SharePoint and Office 365, and along with the other speakers I’ll be doing my best to provide some useful info. Developers in particular are going to have a lot to learn over the next year or so if they want to build with modern pages and client web parts.

Here are the details of my session:

An introduction to the new SharePoint development framework

Microsoft are making big changes to SharePoint sites and pages, and this includes how developers can write code to extend them. There's a new web part framework, and a completely revamped page model which is designed to be fast and lightweight. We'll focus on the developer angle in this session, and take a close look at developing a "client web part" - using Yeoman, TypeScript, Gulp, npm, and node.js, and with some discussion of where JavaScript frameworks such as Angular and React can fit in. I'll also show some preview tools from Microsoft's private "dev kitchen" event to help you visualise the development process. The aim of the session is to kick-start your understanding of where this approach fits, and what you can do now to be productive in this brave new world!

Unfortunately the session won’t be recorded, as the venue doesn’t have those kind of facilities. I’ll be talking more about the SharePoint Framework in other talks though going forward.

Event information and registration

There are still spaces left at the end, and it would be great to see you there if you’re in London or around! Registration is done in EventBrite, and you can get event info and the registration link from the SharePoint Saturday site at this link:

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