Tuesday 31 October 2017

Speaking at the European SharePoint Conference 2017

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Between November 13-16 is this year’s European SharePoint Conference in Dublin, and I’m looking forward to speaking there. The event looks great, with an amazing list of speakers and great representation from Microsoft. Jeff Teper will be giving the keynote, and other Microsoft speakers include Dan Holme, Mark Kashman, Chris McNulty, Vesa Juvonen, Mike Ammerlaan and others. Effectively, this is the biggest SharePoint thing in Europe this year.

I’m giving two talks, both of which I’ve given before but have updated content from recent developments. As a speaker, it’s great to speak about a topic which is continually relevant but wow, you certainly have to check that every nugget of information is still valid and that you’re covering latest developments. Speaker rooms these days are full of people cursing Microsoft ;) Anyway, the details of my talks are:

Azure - the best bits for Office 365/SharePoint developers

Tuesday 14 November - 15:15-16:15

Azure – there’s a lot in there considering it’s just a small word! As a skillset, Azure is practically mandatory for most Office 365 developers. Between Azure functions, web apps, Azure AD, BLOB storage, SQL Database, queues and web jobs, there are a lot of useful building blocks – and solutions like OfficeDev PnP use them heavily. Maybe you’re starting out and want to host remote SharePoint code (such as Office 365 apps or provider-hosted SharePoint add-ins), or maybe you’re familiar with many Azure bits but also have a list of “untouched” areas. In this session, Azure for Office 365 and SharePoint developers, we’ll dig into the most relevant Azure capabilities, using real scenarios to show winning combinations such as SharePoint web hooks and Azure functions.

I’ve also added content around:

  • Graph bindings for Azure Functions
  • App Insights

Avoiding common pitfalls with the SharePoint Framework (SPFx)

Thursday 16 November - 15:15-16:15

This session goes beyond “intro” level SPFx content, to discuss common issues when you start using the SharePoint Framework for real. We’ll cover pitfalls related to TypeScript, npm and dependencies, SPFx security, and also focus on challenges related to team development – including new causes of “it works on my machine!”. Perhaps you have existing JavaScript code you’d like to re-use with SPFx, so we’ll talk about better ways to do that than copy/paste. We’ll also look at traps you can run into when you’re ready to release a version of your SPFx web part – ranging from accidentally bundling JS libraries, to not “shrink-wrapping” your dependencies for a reproducible build.

I’ve also added content around:

  • Correct use of Office UI Fabric, since this is a common task which is harder than it should be at the moment
  • Component bundles in SPFx – the ability to share common code between your web parts and SPFx customizers

More info

If you’re not already going, I’d seriously consider looking at it and asking the boss about the possibility. Previous events have been great, and I think the content is always high-quality. Tickets are still available, and you can get a 10% discount with the following code:


The link you need is: https://www.sharepointeurope.com/pricing/



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