Tuesday 11 December 2018

Slide decks – PowerApps and Azure Functions talks from ESPC 2018

I had a great time speaking at ESPC 2018 last week (the European SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure Conference) in lovely Copenhagen. Not that I saw too much of the city, but I did get to catch-up with many friends and Microsoft people from the Office 365/SharePoint community, which I enjoyed a lot. It was also an honour to be on the programme team for the conference this year. I think the event was fantastic overall, and I saw a lot of great content in the sessions I got to. I also had some great conversations with attendees – thank you to everyone who came up to  ask a question, comment on something I’d talked about or just to say hello! That aspect is always the bit I enjoy most about these conferences. 

I’m publishing the slide decks, videos and some sample code used in both of my talks. The slides should be embedded below (at least if you’re viewing this on a PC), but are also linked.

An A-Z of Azure Functions for the Office 365 developer

I think most people would agree that understanding Azure Functions is critical to being a productive Office 365 developer. Areas of focus in this talk included performance, pricing, use of Visual Studio vs. VS Code, extending PowerApps and Flow with custom code in an Azure Function, extending SharePoint Site Designs with Functions for templating modern SharePoint sites (including those for Microsoft Teams) and more.

I also have videos from my demos available at the link below:

The videos don’t have captions, but do run through the steps to accomplish the goal (e.g. extend PowerApps/Flow with custom code) and should make sense when viewed alongside the deck.

AF 6

Enterprise PowerApps – rich apps with offline support and on-premises data

PowerApps are getting stronger and stronger, and this talk was part case study/part informational. I focused on how to implement offline support, how to connect to on-premises data, and various tips for performance and management. I also talk about what I find to be the most important PowerApps functions from the list of 150+ that can be used in PowerApps formulas.

Again, I’m also publishing a couple of related things:

COB PowerApps 1

Thanks to the folks who took these photos and put them on Twitter.

Hopefully that’s of some use to people – and hopefully I’ll see you next year in Prague!

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