Sunday 17 November 2019

My Ignite 2019 announcement slides (plus selected roadmaps)

I recently created some "one page summary" slides of key announcements from Microsoft's recent Ignite 2019 conference and published them to Twitter - but I thought it could also be useful to compile them into one post here. Feel free to use them if they're useful to you - of course, they're my personal take on what I think is important and you might have different priorities, but given the firehose of announcements I always think consolidated summaries can help. Certainly I find the process of parsing the announcements to create the slides helps me to frame Microsoft's overall positioning and progress.

In this post I'm providing three things:
  • My one page summary images
  • Some assorted Microsoft roadmap slides I collected (images)
  • A PowerPoint deck containing all of the above (hosted on SlideShare)

My Ignite summaries  

I collated announcements for Teams, Power Platform, SharePoint and Azure:

Roadmap slides

These are some selected roadmap slides I collected for topics relevant to me:

SlideShare deck

You can download the original slides for all of the above in one PowerPoint deck below:

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