Wednesday 12 September 2007

Annual holiday

Just a note to regular readers to say it's time for my annual holiday, so no posts or replies to comments for 2 or 3 weeks. I'm off to San Francisco (which is where Suzanne is from), so it should be a nice break.  I am taking a SharePoint virtual machine, but am under strict instructions the only times I'm allowed to use it are on the plane journeys! Fine by me actually.

More posts when I get back..



Anonymous said...

enjoy the holiday mate, you certainly deserve it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,
I was wondering if you show me how to automacally add "folders" to a custom Document Library.



Chris O'Brien said...


As far as I know, it's not possible to do this with CAML alone (e.g. in a list definition). So if you're creating the list with a feature, you would need to have a feature receiver which used the API to add the folders. It should be possible to use SPList.Folders.Add() to do this.



Anonymous said...

Hey there - I found your blog while searching for a way to customize Sharepoint Help files. It looks like you're back from vacation. I'm wondering if I could "pick your brain" around that issue. I can't find anything about this topic anywhere else on the Internet.

Chris O'Brien said...


I'm guessing you've seen my adding custom help pages to SharePoint is complex! post. I'm afraid I've not really done much outside of what I documented there, so don't have much more knowledge to share.

It's not as straightforward as it could be, best of luck.