Tuesday 15 March 2011

Optimizing SharePoint 2010 internet sites – slide deck

Last week I gave a talk at Microsoft on this topic, and I thought the slide deck was worth posting. You may remember I recently wrote about Eliminating large JS files to optimize SharePoint 2010 internet sites – my talk mentioned this approach but also had much wider coverage on other techniques to use. Some of the material came from recent experiences of optimizing my current employer’s site (www.contentandcode.com) and also a fairly large client’s social/collab platform – more and more I find that if code and infrastructure aren’t in a really bad place it’s “page-level” optimization which yields the most benefit, and this was the focus of the talk.

I also talked about Aptimize – you might know this product from it’s use on http://sharepoint.microsoft.com. Aptimize automates many of the optimizations I discussed, and I find it pretty interesting as a product. I’ve done some initial testing with it on a site I’ve been involved with and got good results – I’m hoping to look into it further on behalf of a client, and will most likely post further info here.

My slide deck also has some information on:

  • How infrastructure bottlenecks may change in the internet scenario (vs. intranet/collab)
  • How to determine infrastructure bottlenecks
  • Measuring page load times
  • Load testing

You can see the deck on SlideShare at http://slidesha.re/gpAaRc

UPDATE – if you’re interested in performance, I should mention I recorded a SharePoint Podshow episode on the subject with Rob Foster whilst in Redmond recently. It’s not yet published (I’ll update this post when it is) – I talked in some detail about the kind of attention we paid on a client project recently, including around completely “non-code” aspects like disk performance, optimization for SQL’s Temp DB and content database distribution. I’ve no idea how it worked out as an interview, but Rob certainly knows his stuff on performance too so it was a great chat! Look out for it soon.

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