Sunday 23 June 2013

Speaking at SharePoint Saturday Netherlands, June 29th

Just a quick post to mention that I’m looking forward to speaking at SharePoint Saturday Netherlands next weekend. It’s always a privilege to be asked to speak at these things, and the event looks great with fellow speakers including Spence Harbar, Waldek Mastykarz, Wes Hackett, Wouter van Vugt and a whole host of other talented Dutch SharePoint folks.

My session is:

Using JavaScript templates to customise the SharePoint 2013 user interface

Developers often have a need to amend the HTML rendering of SharePoint, especially around lists and list forms, but in previous versions of SharePoint this was not always easy. Many developers resorted to using JavaScript to manipulate the page after it had loaded, even though this was potentially unreliable and unsupported. SharePoint 2013 solves this problem by providing the ability to specify a JavaScript 'display template' for several user interface elements. This session examines key developer scenarios, such as implementing custom rendering for SharePoint lists (including conditional formatting), customizing the display of the Content Search web part and providing an enhanced search 'hover panel' for specific items. Come and learn how to transform the SharePoint interface the supported way!

Look forward to seeing folks there!

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