Tuesday 15 April 2014

Speaking at the SP24 online conference this week

Later this week, on April 16 and April 17, the SP24 online conference takes place and runs for, you guessed it, 24 hours. The conference is FREE. I highly recommend registering and tuning in to some sessions if you can – after all, isn’t that what that second monitor is for? :)


I’m proud to be speaking – the event looks great, and the amount of preparation by the organisers is pretty astounding. In addition to simply being streamed, each session gets a “session room” where questions can be put to the speaker, a Twitter feed runs and any supporting documents supplied by the speaker can be downloaded. For example, here is my session room:

COB SP24 session room

Not just any old online conference then – as a speaker I’m very impressed.

There’s a LONG of great speakers (Bill Baer, Jeremy Thake, Joel Oleson, Mirjam van Olst, Laura Rogers, Todd Baginski, Marc Anderson, Rene Modery, Chris Givens, Sam Hassani, Paolo Pialorsi, Dux Raymond Sy, Liam Cleary, Agnes Molnar and *many* more) – all pulled together into something like a television channel by a handful of anchors (presenters). There is a mix of live sessions (beamed to the world using Google Hangouts) and pre-recorded ones, split across two tracks:

  • Technical
  • Business

My session

My session is:

Office 365 - developer lessons learnt, tips and tricks

As a developer or technical lead, your early Office 365 projects are likely to raise some big questions. How should you interpret Microsoft's mixed messages on sandbox solutions? How should test environments be handled in the cloud? Do you need to run more than one Office 365 tenancy? When you can't deploy files to the LAYOUTS directory, where should global assets such as CSS and JavaScript be stored? What about automation, when only 30 PowerShell cmdlets are available in SharePoint Online? And just how do you provision Managed Metadata fields, when the on-premises techniques cannot be used? This session walks through the “dev strategy” decisions we made at Content and Code, and why. Over the course of several demos, we’ll also discuss apps, automation scripts and also advanced techniques such as Continuous Integration for Office 365. Hopefully even people *not* expecting to work on an Office 365 development project can come away with flavour of what such a project might look like.

Time: April 17 11am BST

Session URL: https://www.sp24conf.com/2014-1/Conf/SP24S108/ConfPages/SessionRoom.aspx

To register for SP24..

..go to:



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Atul Moghe said...

I missed the event but want to watch your session. When is it going to be open on Youtube?