Monday 5 November 2018

Office 365 dev scenarios to master – top of mind November 2018

Every now and then I like to gather a list of scenarios that I think are important for Office 365/SharePoint developers to have experience in. Occasionally I’ll put a slide together to list them out, something that’s a better format than my rough OneNote notes, and put in front of my team (and myself!) as a checklist of useful skills and techniques for delivering solutions in Office 365. No doubt there is no single “correct” list and it’s all very subjective – however, the image below shows some that are top of mind for me at the moment, and I thought it might be worth sharing. I’ve had to deal with nearly all these recently, so that’s completely shaping my list! But I figure a developer who can deal with all these scenarios efficiently has quite a lot of capability in Office 365 at the moment:

(Click to enlarge)

365 dev scenarios - Nov 2018

Very shortly I’d expect to add a bunch of SPFx/Teams integration scenarios to this list (when SPFx 1.7 lands) – and no doubt there are lots of other areas to consider too. It’s an ever-changing landscape, and I think going through the exercise semi-regularly is useful in itself! 

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