Friday 1 June 2007

Going to TechEd Orlando

I'm off to TechEd U.S. tomorrow, it looks like there'll be some interesting SharePoint content. I'm also going to the pre-conference session and had a tough time deciding between Bill English/Andrew Connell's session, and Patrick Tissegham/Ted Pattison's session. Decided to go for the latter after much debating, should be good.

I know I've left it late, but if any UK-based SharePoint people are going out, leave me a comment (even if you only read this once out there) if you're interested in hooking up.



Anonymous said...


I need to setup a document library and a page library with certain specific configuration, when a sub site(publishing site) is created.can i use feature stapling for this? If Yes, can you please give me some inputs on the same?

I am thinking of creating a feature with all the settings and then adding this feature to the site definetion of create sub site(but i do not know the template name for sub site creation).

Thanks & Regards,

Chris O'Brien said...


Yes, it is possible by using a Feature which has some code which executes on Feature activation. This can either be hooked up to your site definition by Feature-stapling, or by including the Feature in the 'WebFeatures' section of the onet.xml file if the site definition is new and is not yet in use.

My posts on Creating, deploying andf updating custom site definitions and Site definitions - custom code in the site creation process may help.