Monday 25 June 2007

UK SharePoint user group - Customizing SharePoint the supported way

The UK SharePoint user group is meeting this Thursday (28th June) at the Microsoft campus in Reading. There are two sessions, one of which I'm presenting:

Customizing MOSS the supported way – from end-user to admin interfaces

One of the key concepts SharePoint developers should be aware of is that modifications to core shipped files are typically unsupported. This session looks at ways in which you can implement the kind of customizations your users may ask for, but without modifying the original files. Aspects covered include custom site definitions, modifying the site administration/central administration areas, and changing the user controls SharePoint uses with the DelegateControl architecture. The session is packed with demos, and also contains some quick tips on the best way to make other common customizations not shown in the detailed examples.

Speaker: Chris O'Brien

..and also:

Groove: A powerful tool for collaboration, that is now part of Office 07.

In this session, we review the basic functionality and then show, using the latest Microsoft templates (including issue tracking and document review), how Groove is not just a tool but a platform for delivering functionality. We'll also look at how Groove and SharePoint can both effectively work together.

Speaker: TBA

If you're in the area and would like to register, simply leave your name on the following thread over at the UK user group site:

I'll be posting my slides and sample code after the event. The content on customizing the site admin/central admin areas will probably make it's way into separate posts for clarity.


Anonymous said...


Are you going to publish your slides?

Chris O'Brien said...

Yes, I'm just waiting for them to be published on the UK user group website, then I'll be linking to them.

Apologies for the delay, suggest checking back in a day or two..