Wednesday 6 June 2007

SharePoint content at TechEd

Some good SharePoint content this week here in Orlando, which is good as it's pretty much the reason I'm here ;-) Thought I'd call out a couple of the things I've heard which have grabbed my attention:-

  • an update to VSeWSS which addresses some of the issues I and other people have had with it, specifically the fact that it's not flexible enough for some scenarios. The next version will allow editing of the files generated (manifest.xml, feature and element definitions) before being packaged into the .wsp file. This will allow you to add feature receiver definitions or otherwise modify the generated XML. A CTP should be available in July.
  • hearing MS's experiences on their internal MOSS deployment, believed to be the biggest in the world. How d'ya fancy managing 134,000 site collections running on 130 web front-ends?
  • an extremely interesting 'participation' session on SharePoint deployment (see my features vs. Content Deployment post) lead by Andrew Connell. This is an area of SharePoint close to my heart (though I'm by no means saying I have all the answers) so it was good to have a beer afterwards with Andrew and continue the discussion. I'll be writing about this more soon.

On a general note it's great to see many SharePoint experts speaking here. A full summary of information useful to SharePoint implementors to come soon :-)

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