Friday 30 September 2016

Slide deck – Modern sites and the SharePoint Framework

Just a quick post of the slide deck I used for my talk last night at the SharePoint User Group. I talked about the changes for “modern sites” in SharePoint, and looked at things from the end-user and developer point of view (with respect to the SharePoint Framework). The link to the full deck is below.

I used this slide to speculate why I think Microsoft are motivated to change things like the “create or edit page” experience in SharePoint Smile

The Mum test

What I’m getting at is that many end-users (especially those who only use SharePoint occasionally) struggle with the current experience - using the ribbon, adding and configuring web parts and so on. Things are just too damn hard for SharePoint newbies.

And so we have a new set of web parts, and a new page editing experience. New web parts include the Highlighted Content web part, a PowerBI web part, a Yammer Embed web part, Office 365 video, and simplified text/image editors.


image image


Slide deck

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