Monday 19 September 2016

Speaking at SharePoint User Group UK – modern sites and the SharePoint Framework

SUGUKI’m looking forward to speaking next week at the UK user group (SUGUK), in my backyard here in London. It’s a time of pretty big change in the SharePoint world, and since the user group is typically a mixed audience I thought it would be useful to consider things from more than one angle – after all, the changes will affect a BIG cross-section of people and roles. I’m thinking mainly of the changes being rolled out to team sites and publishing sites this year, but of course these fit into a wider context of Office 365 Groups, PowerApps, and a whole list of things, so we should think about it in those terms. And of course, I will be covering some developer aspects and showing some SharePoint Framework code – and hopefully having some good discussion off the back of all this!

Here are the details:

The blurb

Here’s the title and summary for my talk:

Modern SharePoint sites and the SharePoint Framework
Microsoft have started releasing their big wave of changes to SharePoint sites in Office 365 ("modern" sites). This affects end-users in terms of user interface changes, but developers too with the introduction of the SharePoint Framework. In this session we'll consider both perspectives - we'll take a quick look at some of the changes in SharePoint Online team sites (including those which have not yet landed), including a look at "modern" page editing and the new set of web parts Microsoft are working on. We'll also consider how this affects on-premises SharePoint going forward.

From there we'll switch to a dev perspective - we'll build a web part in the SharePoint Framework, and start exercising our TypeScript, Gulp, and npm knowledge. It's a brave new world, but if you want your web parts to work in the new user experience you have to get on board!

Hope you can make it there if you’re local!


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